Blogs on writing and writer’s blogs

Wow, I never thought that starting a new blog would feel so scary and intimidating!

My editor-self is bleating unhelpfully: “What’s your USP? Have you figured out the SEO? How’s the google juice?”

My writer-self is typically flummoxed: “Argh – a blank white text box and a blinking cursor. What do I do?”

I even resorted to the googling “how to start a writer’s blog”. The results weren’t pretty.

But now I’ve started thinking, what is is that I, as a reader, enjoy about blogs-by-writers? For me, it’s the feeling of community, the shared experiences and the joy of watching someone else’s writerly journey unfold — and the hope that maybe one day all those important writerly moments will happen to me, too.

And so I’ve decided that the only real way to know how to have a good writing blog, is to learn from the blogs that I love already. This first proper entry is dedicated to all some of those writing blogs that I follow, love, and admire – some old, some new! But all fabulous. 

Jackson Pearce
I’ve been reading and following Jackson’s writing journey for years on Livejournal — before As You Wish got picked up by HarperTeen and she went on to multiple-awesome-book success. Now she’s the queen of the vlog; always one step ahead of the crowd!

Mandy Hubbard
I found Mandy through Jackson, at around the same time that she was shopping Prada and Prejudice and struggling with other projects (something she’s blogged about at length). Now, thanks to sheer determination – oh yeah, and quite a lot of talent – she’s not only a hugely successful and prolific author, she’s an agent too. Awesome. I professed my love for Mandy to her (I think now former) agent when I met her at the London Book Fair (random, I know!) – just goes to show how small this whole book world really is.

Elizabeth May
Elizabeth May’s blog is my new obsession, and a great example of a writing blog for soon-to-be-published authors. C’mon, adorable gifs? Interesting posts about a truly remarkable writing journey? A shiny new book deal? But back to those adorable gifs… You can’t go wrong.

James Smythe
Full disclosure: I am this particular writer’s editor (well, for The Explorer – his incredible SF work – at least). However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love his tumblr as a fellow writer too, and the fact that he posts inspiration pictures for his writing.

What are your favourite writer’s blogs? Are there any that I should check out to figure out how to do it well?


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