Book Two jitters

Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s been a fun, family-and-food-filled week, with not much time for blogging or writing – in fact, I’ve given myself the holidays off as they’re jampacked enough already! But in between the mince pies (or pince mies as they’re known in Lofty’s house) and the far too copious glasses of champers, I’ve been finding the time to fret. A lot.

What on earth could someone with a shiny new book deal think to fret about over the Christmas hols?

Yes, Lofty took me to a hotel with this view to celebrate my book deal & I’m still fretting!

Book two, of course! That big, massive mountain hiding behind the shadow of 2012, just waiting to appear.

I actually conceived The Oathbreaker’s Shadow as two books, so I know exactly how the whole thing is going to end. I know and love my characters, and I’m looking forward to getting in touch with them all over again. But the thought of putting all the actual words down on paper and in a relatively confined stretch of time (compared with the first one that is – I don’t think I’ll get six years to tinker with it this time, I’m not George RR!) is definitely scary!

Of course, this time around I’ll have a deadline (I do like a good deadline!), professional help (from my super agent and editor) and a bucketload of motivation (having a reading public will do that to you). But for some reason, driving down a dark road on a chilly English night, I was overwhelmed by the thought of that mountain I’m going to start climbing in less than a week.

And please no one mention the eventual book one edits that are going to come around. More mountains ahoy.

Someone pass the Christmas chocolates!


4 thoughts on “Book Two jitters

  1. Angus McCulloch says:

    As an avid F&SF reader, I was very impressed with OS from the start (you writer types use a lot abbs for people who are paid to scribe). Amy put it down to Daddy-boosting but I was truly taken with the book and have now been through it three times. I have invented a new title for myself – Readitor – as I also feel very invested in the whole process.

    Amy has also broadened my choices in fantasy literature and I pass on many congratulations to Peter Brett and Patrick Rothfuss for their brilliant books.

      • James Smythe says:

        Yeah, that’s the one. Really long holidays, then bang the novel out in ten minutes before a deadline. *sigh*

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