Obligatory signing photo

Yep, today is a pretty awesome day.

Not only is it four years since Lofty & I first met in New Zealand (happy anniversary gorgeous!), but it is also the day I signed and sent off my contract to RHCB! Yup, it’s all totally official and legit now. Gulp!

To mark the occasion (in very newbie author fashion, but hey, you’re only a debut author once, right?!) I took some photos:


The Oathbreaker's Shadow now officially does not belong to me! haha.



4 thoughts on “Obligatory signing photo

      • Matt Clark says:

        That would be lovely, im sure we’ll sort something once the freezing weather goes away !! But until then, congrats on the book and enjoy writing it ! (if you haven’t already, I dont understand these things :p )

  1. Pam Sidey says:

    So amazing Amy!!! I can’t wait to read it (and was so pleased to see your banner was Game of Thrones… which I can’t put down…) Congratulations!

    Pam Sidey

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