The music of writing and the third movement of Moonlight Sonata

The past couple of months since discovering that The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is finally going to become a real book have been challenging — writing-wise, that is! I’ve been finding it hard to just sit down and start writing the sequel, especially when I worry about the pressure of creating another work that betters (or, let’s face it, even equals!) the first.

But today I told myself to stop procrastinating and get down to some real work — and, horrah! The first chapter of what is very-tentatively-titled The Unbreakable Vow is now written. (I have to give all my work a title, it makes it feel more real!)

What helped me to get in the groove was tuning in to one of my old favourite playlists on iTunes, one that I hadn’t listened to in quite sometime. It’s made up of a mix of classical, more modern instrumental, movie soundtracks and indie music, most of it as word-free as possible, but varying in drama and tone.

There’s always one song, however, that always stops me in my tracks. I should probably remove it from my playlist, as it’s not exactly the most conducive to productivity, but I leave it in because I find it so inspiring. I play piano to a decent level (Grade 8 in Royal Conservatory of Music terms), and this piece just stops my heart with its complexity and beauty. It reminds me that there is so much to achieve, and so many different levels to attain, that even if I never get there, it’s still worth trying – one word, or one note, at a time. It also proves that sometimes the second, or in this case third, movement of a work can far exceed the first ;):

What piece of music inspires you?


2 thoughts on “The music of writing and the third movement of Moonlight Sonata

  1. Suite Henry says:

    Oh Moonlight Sonata… still such a favourite.

    I should take a cue from you and put some nice tunes on. I’ve been working away but I am starting to procrastinate… ahem… reading other people’s blogs.

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