The blog of thrones: Game of Thrones DVD Launch party

There are a few perks to my job. Of course, just being part of the imprint that published George R.R. Martin’s bestselling series at the same time the HBO adaptation of said books hit TV screens worldwide has been a massive highlight. But last night – standing in the middle of Pentos, drinking arbor gold from a goblet – really brought into sword-sharpened focus just how lucky I’ve been… I don’t think perks get much perkier than this!

The party was in honour of the DVD release of Series One of Game of Thrones (coming March 5th – and the DVD looks incredible. The best DVD I’ve ever seen for a television show, period.). The invite led us down to the Old Vic tunnels by Waterloo station. We arrived near-enough on seven sharp: far too early to be fashionable but, let’s face it, we wanted to be able to look around and take in the party before it became too crowded to do so. Our diligence was rewarded: we stepped into a glorious interpretation of Pentos, complete with pillows strewn on the floor, silks adorning the walls (some emblazoned with the Targaryen sigil), and market stalls laden with fruit and flagons of wine. Themed-food (think quails eggs dipped in spiced nuts, roasted red pepper hummus, chicken tagine, grilled aubergine) was passed around by actors dressed like the Khaleesi’s handmaidens and fortune tellers read tarot cards to guests lounging on pillows.

Yes, it was pretty sumptuous!

The room gradually filled up (as did our actor-spotting cards), but I was most starstruck to meet David Benioff and D.B. Weiss – two people who are definitely inspiration for me as both the interpreters of ASoIaF but also as writers in themselves. I may have had a slightly tongue-tied conversation with David (yes, we are on a first name basis now, thanks for asking) in which I confused him into thinking that I worked on Tuf Voyaging and not for Voyager (quickly corrected), and then I praised him and the show profusely before running away. Ah, Amy, you are so slick.

D.B. Weiss and David Benioff – creators of Game of Thrones

After speeches from David & D.B. and some mini-skits involving two girls fighting (always popular with a tipsy crowd) and a girl eating a heart (possibly not the best right before dinner), they opened up the venue to reveal… *drum roll* Winterfell.

Oh, Winterfell – how you enchanted me! Huge long trestle tables laden with jugs of ale, enormous candelabras, roast hog on a spit, venison stew, men in armor, the seat of Winterfell and, through another room, the Iron Throne itself (Robert must’ve brought it with him on his way up from King’s Landing). I’d already had the chance to strike a pose on the Iron Throne when it travelled to Waterstones for the launch of A Dance with Dragons, but this time they had a fur cloak and sword as props – I was there! A highlight of the night was watching Arya (Maisie Williams), Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), take the throne. Hmm, I wonder what they know that we don’t?!

I take the Iron Throne (photo courtesy of GameofThronesDVDLaunch)

At any rate, all I really know is that War is Coming… and please, please, can April 2 and Season Two happen rightthissecond?

But enough talk – you want to see pictures, right? Head over to my facebook author page to see my photos from the night. Or to see the actors who were in attendance, you can check out the link.


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