Going on submission – time to light a candle

The weather has finally turned in London, and beautiful sunshine has shifted to rain – not so good for running, but perfect weather for staying in all day to read!

Spring tends to be one of the busiest times of year for submissions, with agents and editors gearing up for Bologna and London book fairs. With my editor hat on, I feel like I have submissions coming out of my ears at the moment, and distressingly most of them are brilliant! This is only distressing as I know I don’t have the money to buy them all – or the space in the schedule!

Author hat now firmly on (I’ve decided my author hat is my Vancouver Olympics tuque with maple-leaf-emblazoned-flaps over my ears), Oathbreaker will also be making the rounds at LBF, which is doubly nerve-wracking. I asked some of the Lucky 13s about how they dealt with on submission nerves, and one of them told me that she lit a coloured candle while her book was with editors, and asked all her friends to do the same. (ETA: Thanks to the lovely Elle Cosimano for this suggestion!) I was thinking about what colour might be good for Oathbreaker, and decided that it would have to be a warm, desert colour. Unfortunately the only candle I could find at home was white and pomegranate-scented – but that works too as pomegranate is an exotic fruit, and is something I could conceivably write in to one of my scenes as a yummy snack for my main character.

The candle is burning now… in front of my Middle-Earth-in-NZ map by Weta. Here’s to wishing everyone good luck who is on submission right now (even if you’ve sold your ms to your dream house, and everything else is now an amazing bonus!)


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