The Oathbreaker’s Shadow sells Canadian rights

Well, the first set of foreign rights to sell aren’t so foreign after all… I’m so pleased to say that Canadian rights to The Oathbreaker’s Shadow have sold to Amy Black at Doubleday Canada – which means that my mum and dad will definitely be able to go into their local Chapters on Rideau Street in Ottawa and find the book, and that is what means the most to me 🙂 I had the privilege of meeting Kristin Cochcrane (the Doubleday Canada publisher) and Brad Martin (President & CEO of Doubleday CA) a couple of weeks back at drinks to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the imprint, and I’m so thrilled to be working with such an amazing team. Coincidentally, they are also the publisher’s of my boss Jane Johnson’s books, (The Sultan’s Wife being her latest) and she has nothing but rave reviews for their publishing. I can’t wait to work with them!

This news came on top of a fantastic Oathbreaker-themed day. I managed to use the morning to write a thousand words of the sequel, and then I headed off to Ealing to meet my editor Lauren, the RHCP editorial assistant Pete (who is also going to help on the edit), and my publicist Emily for a lovely long lunch. It was great to catch up and talk bookish things (like covers! edits! videos!), genre things (conventions! Game of Thrones!) and all sorts of stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with books or publishing. I found out that my ‘Spring 2013’ pub date can be narrowed down to either April/May of next year, so potentially I am now less than a year away from officially seeing Oathbreaker in print, which is amazing.

After Ealing I headed back into town to meet with my agent Juliet, for a quick coffee and to sign my Canadian contracts… which meant that I could officially announce the deal. Woohoo!


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