A visit with Doubleday Canada

Toronto holds a lot of great memories for me – it’s the place where I went to uni, where I first thought up of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, where I wrote the first draft (in a particular Starbucks just north of Yonge and Bloor, where they would give me and my writer friend free top-ups of tea and Americanos), where I had my first job. It’s also the home of some of my best friends in the world (one of whom has just had a gorgeous baby), and so it’s always a pleasure to head back to Tdot.

And this trip back was particularly awesome, not least because I had the chance to visit my new Canadian publishers – Doubleday Canada – and finally put some faces to names/e-mails! I was truly terrible at taking photos though, so I apologize for the lack of photographic evidence.

In fact, the only picture I did take was of the ‘Wall of Fame’, where portraits of Doubleday Canada’s many illustrious authors are proudly displayed. I did squee a little when I saw the photo of the wonderful author (who also happens to be my boss) Jane Johnson on the wall.

It was great to get to peek inside another publisher’s working space, and upon arrival my wonderful editor handed me a bag full of Doubleday YA goodies! Blood Red Road, The Gathering, Seraphina and You Against Me – what a treat! I’d already read the amazing Seraphina (review to come soon), but I’m so glad to own it in hardback now. It’s definitely the kind of book you will want to own and treasure, and the US/Canadian artwork is absolutely stunning.

After a wonderful lunch at Terroni’s on Adelaide (which is situated in the old Toronto courthouse – where Toronto’s final hanging took place, spooky!), I came back to meet and greet the rest of the team. It was also an absolute pleasure to get to know the amazing Indigo Teen team, who listened to me ramble on about when I write and how to juggle the writing + full time job. I’m really looking forward to launching Oathbreaker in my home country, and it means so much to me to have such an enthusiastic team at my side, albeit across the pond.

Oh Canada!


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