The edit is here! The edit is here!

Well actually, the edit was here almost two weeks ago, but the fact that I haven’t been able to blog about it (let alone actually make any start on it) is an indication of just how busy things have been! A wedding in Canada, lots of exciting projects at work, the Olympics… everything has culminated in such a jam-packed couple of weeks that the poor edit letter seems to have fallen by the wayside…

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom. I had a great chat with my editor a few days after receiving the letter clarifying my initial thoughts and also the deadline – which is still very achievable despite two weeks of neglect.

But probably the most frequent question I get asked whenever I mention I write (for a living) AND edit (for a living) is: how do you – as an editor – feel about being edited?

Well, I guess I haven’t really been able to answer that question until now. I always believed that I would be OK with it – since I know – and understand intimately – the value of a good edit. Yet  it was with a strange sense of trepidation that I first opened the edit… and now that it’s been a few weeks, I’ve been able to properly assess my reaction.

I think I got off lucky. My edit was light, but most importantly, it was spot on. Every point that was made, every change requested, was something that I should have anticipated… but when you are so close to a work and have toiled for so long with the same words, it becomes difficult to see the plot errors for the prose. I think the best editors don’t let you get away with anything. The relationship you knew was a bit weak – they ask you to really make the reader feel it. That bit of backstory you threw in but thought you could fudge through the logic? They make you reevaluate every word. And this is really the last chance to make any major changes to a novel – so why not strive to make it the absolute best it can be? I know I couldn’t achieve that without my editor holding me to my best standard and making me reach for it with every word.

Now to actually do it! I’ll get back to you on that… in the meantime, here’s a picture of my gorgeous friend Jess’ wedding – one of the best reasons for not being able to edit a book :).


One thought on “The edit is here! The edit is here!

  1. Fantasy Faction (@FantasyFaction) says:

    The thing I always struggle with when writing, and I guess every writer does, is that I’m too close to the story. I.e. I know more than my reader and sometimes it is easy to forget that they don’t know all the back story and the mechanics of the world. I guess, an editor can catch that and make you explain it or just leave certain references out.

    I’m really excited to see how your novel turns out, Amy. And, I look forwards to the update after the edits 🙂

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