Epic catch-up post!

I’ve been struggling to find time to blog recently, and now suddenly the holidays are upon us! It seems like this month has gone past in a blur, and although I got a ton of writing done in November, my December has been running a little dry on the creative front. I’m hoping that once I get away (to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina) for Christmas, I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things.

That being said, it’s been a pretty productive news month book-wise, so here’s a quick catch-up on everything that’s been going on!

1) My super agent switched to a super new agency!

Sadly, I am not a 'band coming soon' but it does make a cool author photo

Sadly, I am not a ‘band coming soon’ but it does make a cool author photo

I know a lot of people find this blog by googling my ace agent Juliet Mushens, so it’s probably a good thing for me to let you all know that she’s actually moved from PFD to The Agency Group. It’s a new-this-week move, so her submission guidelines aren’t quite up-to-date yet, but suffice to say she is still on the hunt for great new talent, especially epic fantasy for grown ups, YA, historical fiction, literary fiction and non-fiction. She basically runs the gamut though, so if you think she is the right fit, send query and first three chapters. (and check out her twitter @mushenska for more details)

2) News for The Oathbreaker’s Shadow!

Things have been progressing rapidly with The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, which is now confirmed as coming out in hardback in the UK in early June 2013. I’ve seen a proof cover and everything, so I really hope I get to share the cover with you all early in the new year! It’s kick-ass and I love it. I also know how many pages it’s going to be: 416pp! Silly details like that make this writer stupidly happy 🙂

3) I went to Eurodisney!

My big screen debut at Disney Studios, Paris

My big screen debut at Disney Studios, Paris

Yep, to take a bit of a break from life and writing, I went to Eurodisney with two of my great friends. It really put us all in a Christmas-y spirit, as we watched the tree lighting ceremony and the Christmas parades – lots of fun. It was freezing cold outside, but it didn’t detract from a really fun weekend. Also, I was plucked from the audience at the stunt car show to ‘drive’ one of the cars, which was awesome!

4) The Lucky 13s strike again!

I can’t believe 2013 is almost here, and it’s been an amazing year shared with the lovely writers over at The Lucky 13s. Today, we have a compilation of 68 first lines from the amazing collection of debuts – including The Oathbreaker’s Shadow.


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