Events and Links around the Blogosphere

It’s official! I’ve just had my first author event announced, as part of the awesome Hay Scribblers tour:

Cardiff University, March 8th 2013.


I’m pretty thrilled to be doing the event alongside Phil Earle (author of Being Billy and fellow publishing bod-turned-writer), Ellie Irving (author of Billie Templar’s War) and Damien Dibben (author of the AWESOME The History Keepers books). Also, my good friend Tanya Byrne (go go go read Heart Shaped Bruise if you haven’t already!) is doing a couple of events with them too, but sadly not at the same time as me! There will 400 kids from across Wales at the event, so although I’m slightly nervous and muttering something about being thrown in the deep-end, I’m hugely excited really.

I also wanted to shout-out to a few blogs and people that have mentioned The Oathbreaker’s Shadow recently!

Fellow Lucky 13 Eve Silver called The Oathbreaker’s Shadow: “fabulous, thoughtful, unique, accessible high fantasy”

I’ve been a WOW (Waiting On… Wednesday) pick for a few blogs (thank you so much!):
Book Swarm
Oh my Books!
Reading with ABC
Bewitched Bookworms
The Readers Heartstring
Manga Mania Cafe
Midnight Bloom Reads

And Darren from the awesome blog Book Zone for Boys featured me on his ‘Coming up in 2013‘ series of posts. I wrote a little bit about the inspiration behind The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, if you’re interested!

Tomorrow, I am very excited because the awesome Laura Lam is launching Pantomime, which was one of my favourite reads of last year. I’m going to buy a few copies tomorrow to give away to my friends and family! If you haven’t seen this yet, make sure you make it a priority.



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