The Oathbreaker’s Shadow has a trailer!

It’s been a pretty exciting week for The Oathbreaker’s Shadow (these things always seem to come in giant waves). First, there was an interview with me, over at the Civilian Reader blog, and then Stefan followed up with a lovely review. Let’s just say that getting pull quotes like:

Brilliantly imagined and brought to life on the page, this is a great debut.


it reminded me of Peter Brett’s characters – in both The Painted Man and The Desert Spear

made me very happy 🙂

But I also have a really exciting book trailer to show you, put together by my sister’s boyfriend Evan George. He used footage from my and my sister’s trips through Namibia, Egypt and Jordan – plus even a bit of London. I can spot Petra and Philae temple and the Pyramids at Giza – all of which provided inspiration for the novel. It also features a little preview of the map that my sister did, which will be in the final version of the book! So cool.

Without further ado, here it is:

Pretty awesome, right? But most people not in the publishing industry I know have never seen and/or heard of a book trailer. Some of them are brilliant and get thousands of views – others sink without a trace.

So, the big question for all other authors and readers out there is: why a book trailer?

Last night, I was in the audience at a YA event organized by the Imagine Festival with Maureen Johnson (most recently the author of spooky gothic Jack-the-Ripper novels The Madness Underneath), James Dawson (rockstar author of Hollow Pike), Gemma Malley (whose awesome The Declaration is next up on my TBR pile) and my lovely 18-year-old writing superstar of The Dark Heroine, Abigail Gibbs. A question came up about book trailers, and it was clear that the majority of authors (and publishers) in the room were dubious about their usefulness in terms of sales. However, it was quite surprising that a number of teens in the room watched – and loved! – book trailers!

There was a caveat though. They mostly watched the trailers for books they had already read or heard about – probably adding fuel to the fire that they don’t work as ‘selling tools’. But as additional content – and for setting the mood/tone of the book – they go down very well. They also work well to boost ‘SEO’ (okay, now I’m really getting technical). SEO is ‘search engine optimization’ and YouTube is now the second largest search engine (after Google) and ranks highly in Google’s own algorithm. So it can help with discoverability and all that fun publishing jargon stuff.

I really wanted a trailer to have something visual (other than the awesome cover) to show at events. As long as they’re done well (and Evan has done a great job, capturing the tone of the book perfectly), trailers work as brilliant ice breakers, and I’m going to give it a test run at the Hay Scribblers event early next month.

What do you think about book trailers? Have you ever watched one that made you want to buy the book?

These are some more of my favourites:

The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett trailer

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes teaser trailer

Prophecy by Ellen Oh trailer

Dualed by Elise Chapman trailer


One thought on “The Oathbreaker’s Shadow has a trailer!

  1. John Rollo says:

    Amy, you rock girl! My grandkids are gonna love this. I see a movie offer coming your way. Your target audience craves for more and different approaches to these wonderful mysterious worlds that you and others unfold for their sponge like imaginations! Best of luck!

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