SciFi Weekender!

I spent the past weekend in Pwllheli, North Wales at SciFi Weekender #SFW4. SFW4 is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention that attracts hundreds of genre fans from across the UK to remote holiday parks… where they get to mingle with authors, actors, artists and other such professional folk while dancing to a heady mix of Craig Charles and DJ Dark Knight (to name but a few).

I was there with my “editor hat” on, although I did have a stack of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow postcards to give away! Woohoo! I will likely do a more professional post over on the HarperVoyager blog tomorrow, but I wanted to give a little update over here too.

This was my first SF weekender, and my third con. It had a very different feel to Eastercon or Fantasycon – for one thing, the cosplay was incredible at SFW4! I’ve never been in an environment like that before and I absolutely loved it. I definitely felt like I had missed out by not dressing up, so next time I might do 😉 I didn’t get to do as much ‘fan’ stuff as I might have liked because I was really focused on the author panels and the trading zone, where HarperVoyager had a stall. As a result, I missed some of what people said were the highlights of the event – like the Just a Minute panel, the interviews and the films.

I did, however, get to experience that utterly freezing cold nights in a caravan that the weekend is so famous for! It seemed to be a bit luck of the draw whether you got a caravan with radiators or not – if you didn’t, you didn’t have heat! That was… interesting, to say the least. I might be Canadian, but I like to keep my subzero temperatures OUTSIDE, if possible.

The highlights, then, for me…

– My ‘Future of Publishing’ panel, which had been pretty much decimated by lack of participants showing up, but was then saved by a really fun chat with Amanda Rutter of Strange Chemistry and Sam Stone of Telos Moonrise.

– The cosplay at the Masquerade ball (fabulous)

– The ‘Voyager’ dinner – amazing having Peter V. Brett, James Smythe and Stacia Kane all around the same table… loads of fun.

– Handing out Voyager-themed tote bags (which went down a storm!) and chatting to folks who came up to our table

– The moment I moved from my freezing caravan to the warmth of James Smythe’s (he originally had the caravan all to himself, by the end of it there were four of us moved in!)

– Popping over to Anglesey to visit my aunt who lives in Beaumaris.

And now, for some pictures!!


The “Here Come the Girls” panel


James Smythe earning his keep by handing out some Voyager tote bags


Me, Peter V. Brett and the publicity ladies feel the Force…


The Voyager table


We saw a bit of beautiful Wales too…


Some sunshine sheep 🙂


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