First Oathbreaker-y events!

So, while SciFi weekender was great fun, that was definitely an event I was attending with my editor hat on. But this week has also been filled with some amazing book-related events too! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, actually, and I hope just a taste of things to come.

First of all, I’ve had some lovely author endorsements:

“Brilliant. Absolutely gripping from the start, a complete joy and a great new voice”
— Conn Iggulden, author of the internationally bestselling Empire series

“The Oathbreaker’s Shadow’s a rare, rare thing; something new in fantasy. At last we’ve got a story without all the tropes of elves, ogres and knights but a high adventure inspired by Mongolia. McCulloch’s story is rich with life, real, vivid and utterly compelling.”
— Sarwat Chadda, author of Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress

It’s been pretty thrilling to have people I admire read and enjoy the book!

And then I also had my very first author event, which was with the Hay Scribblers tour at Cardiff University. I was pretty nervous to speak in front of 400 students, but it was actually a blast. So many thanks to Cardiff University and the Hay Scribblers team for such a well-run event – even the technology went off without a hitch!

This is what 400 students look like!

This is what 400 students look like!

But it wouldn’t have been the same if the students hadn’t been so enthusiastic for the creative writing exercises. I asked the room to take 5 minutes and create fantasy creatures based on two photographs on the screen. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, especially as I know just how difficult it is to be creative on demand. But the results were brilliant. We had monkeys with four arms and retractable wings, we had phoenixes and dragons, we had a dark elf who lived on her own and shunned company. It was amazing. I had a few proofs to give away as prizes, and for this part of the session, I gave a proof away to a young lady who had written a poem about her creature in those 5 minutes. So creative! I was awed.

The hour-long lecture flew by, and then afterwards Phil Earle (the other author on the scene) and I signed books and postcards and samplers for an hour.

Phil Earle and I, signing books (or postcards, in my case!)

Phil Earle and I, signing books (or postcards, in my case!)

There are more pictures available on my Facebook page.

Then the next day, I met some UK (and one US) blogger at the Random House Blogger’s Brunch. I was one of two guest authors (the other being Jonathan Stroud – author of the Bartimaeus trilogy and an absolute writing hero of mine… I’ve been a huge fan of the Bartimaeus books for ages and love his new series Lockwood & Co – look out for it in August!).

Me, with Jonathan Stroud

Me, with Jonathan Stroud

I did a reading from The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, answered questions and signed proofs, which were wrapped up in gorgeous brown paper and sealed with knots. Perfect for the book. Then I caught up with the bloggers at lunch, which was relaxed and fun – I love putting faces to twitter handles!

The Blogger's Brunch attendees

The Blogger’s Brunch attendees

Lastly, The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is available for pre-order on Amazon if any of this has intrigued you!
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Indigo CA

Me with my wrapped up The Oathbreaker's Shadow proof!

Me with my wrapped up The Oathbreaker’s Shadow proof!


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