SFX magazine, Liz de Jager and Lauren Beukes

So, today I fulfilled a lifelong dream of being within a few millimetres of Henry Cavill, a man whom I have been in love with since he played the dashing Albert Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo (sorry Lofty).

henry cavill

Smile for me, Henry!

Okay, so it’s because we’re both in this month’s issue of SFX magazine – but who’s really debating semantics? I’m the subject of their ‘New Author’ interview, so if you get a chance then do pick up a copy!

SFX235_cover-610 photo-3

I was also very excited to receive a review from the wonderful Liz de Jager this week. Liz was a book review blogger for a long time, and I was selfishly very upset when she, Mark and Sarah closed My Favourite Books, as it used to be one of my favourite book blogs and I was looking forward to getting their take on The Oathbreaker’s Shadow. Of course, Liz had excellent reason to shut up shop – she is in possession of her very own book deal with TOR UK, who are going to do an amazing job with her series The Blackhart Legacy that I cannot WAIT to read!

A snippet of her review:

“I think Ms. McCulloch has done something really special here – there are hints of Robin Hobb and George RR Martin … the traditions and lore that we are introduced to feels fresh and different”

Liz de Jager, What I’m Reading


Lastly, I was hugely excited to attend the Arthur C. Clarke Awards last night and the Write the Future conference (#WTF13) in the afternoon. I helped to Kickstart the WTF conference, so it was great to see it all come together so seamlessly (great job, Tom Hunter!). Congratulations to Clarke Award winner Chris Beckett, who won with After Eden – the book sounds right up my alley, so I look forward to reading it.

One of the speakers at the conference was Lauren Beukes, who has been over this week promoting The Shining Girls. I will definitely be doing a bigger post on this book, because it was one of the most visceral and gripping reads I’ve encountered, ever. There’s one scene in it that just had my stomach in absolute knots, but I couldn’t put it down no matter how uncomfortable the reading was. A brilliant, brilliant storyteller. So I was very excited that she signed my copy, as I grabbed her at literally the very last moment she was around.


“May the words always do what you tell them”


Coming up later this week (on May 6, to be precise – ONE MONTH UNTIL LAUNCH!!) I will be running a HUGE pre-order contest, with the chance to win some cool Oathbreaker-related swag, and maybe even a manuscript critique by yours truly. Look out for it then!


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