Busy bee… tours, reviews, and Harry Potter

The blog has been a bit quiet, but it’s because I’ve been a busy bee elsewhere! Soon you are going to see far too much of me, however, as I will be on the Totally Random Tour with fellow UK YA authors Emma Pass and Karen Mahoney. Look out for more information soon!


There’s also been a bit more very nice review coverage for The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, which has been great to see.

torrocket “Amy McCulloch shapes an undeniably entertaining debut that put me in mind of The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett. And there’s every chance The Oathbreaker’s Shadow will be just such a success. Sometimes the oldest stories are the ones which take hold of one’s imagination most, and the plight of Raim set against the rich tapestry of Darhan is entirely alive in my mind’s eye.” – Tor.com
Starburst-Logo-e1346942858864 “Inventive and exciting … A splendid book” – Starburst Magazine


I went to the Harry Potter/Warner Bros Studio Tour! It was a birthday present from my sister and, in a word, it was epic. It’s hard to explain just how much HP and JK Rowling have meant to me over the years, and if there’s any criticism I might have of the studio tour is that there’s not enough emphasis on the books. I would have loved even a tiny section on some of JK Rowling’s early drafts/material, or a collection of first editions or foreign editions – something like that. I realize – obviously – that this is a Warner Brothers and a Studio Lot tour, but I still think they could have spared the books a touch more thought!

That being said, getting to ride a broomstick on the green screen was amazing (and I will share the video soon!). It was also absolutely amazing to see all the concept art and architectural designs that went into building all the sets. I’m not going to share too many photos here, because I just know that so many of you will want to go and experience it for yourself (I know I did, and so purposefully avoided ‘spoilers’ – and it was better for it).

But this particular sign struck a chord with me – back in June 1997, JK Rowling was just a debut author just like me! Did I say something about June being a good month for book releases? 🙂



And then of course, a quick snap of me in my natural habitat… on a Nimbus 2000, training to be a Seeker!



And one final reminder that my Epic (no purchase required) Pre-order contest is still on!! You can pre-order The Oathbreaker’s Shadow from here (UK) and here (Canada).


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