Moar blog tour and other things…

This past weekend, I was a bridesmaid! The photographer was the wonderful Mr. Phill, so I will be sure to direct you to the wedding blog when there are pictures.

I can’t believe that next week is *drumroll* LAUNCH WEEK. This is so exciting! My pre-order contest from below is now CLOSED, so I will announce the winners tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I did get a huge box load of books, so I’m sure there will be a giveaway in the blog’s future.

SO! What’s happening launch week? Well, not a huge amount in person (I do have that pesky day job, you know) but the launch party is happening on Thursday, 6th June at Daunt Books in Marylebone from 6.30pm-8pm. Please come along for books, cupcakes, general bookish fun, and maybe to see a grown woman cry. (That might be my mum, might be me, might be both :))

Don’t worry, the cupcakes aren’t scary, just delicious…


And then I’m on blog tour! The second half of the Totally Random Tour is happening. The highlight this week is definitely going to be the Facebook chat on Wednesday between 5-6pm on the Totally Random FB page. Emma Pass, Kaz Mahoney and I had a great time on Goodreads (click the link to read our answers), doing a live discussion amongst ourselves, so I’m REALLY looking forward to answering reader questions. And that’s the night before I launch so I will be ridiculously excited.


Mon 3rd – “Dream literary dinner party guestlist” – BOOK PASSION FOR LIFE
Tue 4th – “Places that inspire your writing” – SABLE CAUGHT
Wed 5th – “Webchat” – TOTALLY RANDOM FACEBOOK (5-6pm)
Thurs 6th – “Soundtrack to your writing” – WONDROUS READS
Fri 7th – “Group interview” – TOTALLY RANDOM BOOKS

But that’s not all… I’m ALSO releasing in Canada on TUESDAY. That means technically I will be a published author in TWO DAYS. Wut?!

So the lovely folk at Doubleday Canada have also organized a blog tour for me… one with a distinctly more Canadian flavour (that means it is essentially dripping in maple syrup, so it’s extra sweet). Here’s the schedule for that:

Mon 3rd – Me On Books
Tues 4th – Confessions of a Reading Addict
Wed 5th – More Than Just Magic
Thurs 6th – Cozy Up with a Good Read
Fri 7th – Retreat by Random House

I’m only marginally less shouty about the Canadian release because in two weeks I’ll be over there, shouting in person! You’ll have had far too much of me by then.

I will also be featured on the Lucky 13s blog, Author Allsorts and One Four Kid Lit blogs on the 6th June, so essentially, I’ll be all over the darn internet! Let me know if there’s some obscure corner that I haven’t reached, okay?


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