Happy Canada Day!… Oathbreaker-style

Fireworks! Explosions! Loud noises! It’s The Oathbreaker’s Shadow‘s Canadian release day, meaning that I am officially a published author! Woo hoo!!


It’s very surreal knowing that the book is out there. Of course, I can’t go look on store shelves myself just yet, but looking on the Chapters website means that I can see which stores have the book in stock and – thankfully! – it’s most of them. Well done Random House CA’s sales team! If you see the book out there, please take a picture for me!

The Canadian book trade is also famously supportive of its local authors, so it’s been really gratifying to see some lovely review coverage come through. Honestly, some of the Canadian reviews have been the nicest I could ever have hoped to receive! And some of the most thoughtful. Just take a look…

 “This highly original premise and the book’s exotic setting allow for an engaging and a widely entertaining story which even the most avid of adventure-fantasy purists, despite the absence of elves, castles, and dragons, will appreciate.” – Read full review: CM Magazine

“This book is the perfect choice for reluctant readers of all ages, but especially those teen boys. McCulloch does a fantastic job writing a male lead. Strength of body, strength of mind, disciplined and moral, while remaining far from perfect. Readers will find themselves learning more about the consequences of their choices, without even realizing it.” – Read full review: Contagious Reads

“McCulloch’s expertly created world, interesting array of characters, and beautiful prose add up to a masterfully told story — even those who are not fans of fantasy may fall in love with this one.” – Read full review: Book Addict 24/7

“The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is an adventure curious and dangerous, filled with tradition and secret magic. It’s at times spiritual and complex, engrossing in setting, story, and character.” – Read full review: Me on Books

“If you are fans of the Dustlands series by Moira Young then you are going to absolutely love this book. From page one we are thrust into a world so unlike our own, yet so completely captivating and intense. Each character brings something to the table in every scene, and they help create an amazing story that doesn’t stop from beginning to end. This was a great Fantasy read that will leave wanting more.” – Read full review: Confessions of a Reading Addict

“If you’re interested in picking up a novel as addictive as The Hunger Games and as intense as Blood Red Road, The Oathbreaker’s Shadow comes out today!” – Read full review: My Pen, My Voice

(I’m particularly loving all the references to Moira Young, by the way – a fellow Doubleday Canada author who is Canadian but living in the UK! Blood Red Road is an incredible read – and was a Costa Children’s Book Award Winner – so to be compared to her is an honour!)

But it won’t feel like the official Canadian release until I’ve launched in my hometown, Ottawa, in a couple of weeks! Any book lovers, bloggers, readers or people who would like some frozen yoghurt (hope it’s a hot day!) please come down to Spoon Lounge in the Byward market on Thurs 20th June to say hi and get a book signed!


Other confirmed Canadian events will include…

18th June – An event at my alma mater, Immaculata High School
20th June – Ottawa launch party
25th June – Stopping by the Wattpad offices in Toronto
28th June – Event at The Bookshelf in Guelph

There may be a public Toronto library event in there too, if you want to catch me in Toronto, but I’m just waiting for confirmation on that.

I’m obviously still on ‘blog tour’ in Canada too…

Me On Books                                       June 3, 2013
Confessions of a Reading Addict     June 4, 2013
More Than Just Magic                        June 5, 2013
Cozy Up with a Good Read              June 6, 2013
Retreat by Random House                June 7, 2013
I think that’s everything! If you’re out and about in stores in Canada and you spot The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, I’d love for you to let me know! And if you read and enjoy it, please do leave a review either on Amazon or the Chapters/Indigo website – all the reviews really do help lots.

And finally, in case all this hasn’t enticed you enough, here is my epic trailer…


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