Books + Froyo… it’s the Canadian launch party!

On Thursday I had the absolute time of my life at my Ottawa launch party… we had around 80 guests and sold just under that many books! There was beautiful sunshine, lots of great people, champagne and frozen yogurt!

The crowd inside Spoon! Lounge

The crowd inside Spoon! Lounge

But none of that would have happened were it not for my amazing parents, who had to plan this entire thing without having ever attended a book launch before, and with me thousands of miles away across the pond. Needless to say, they did an absolutely stupendous job and I am so thankful to them!

My parents own Canadian Rug Traders in Ottawa’s Byward Market, which has been especially decked out just for The Oathbreaker’s Shadow! In the store window was a large picture of the cover, my author photo, Sophie’s map and several awesome Oathbreaker-themed carpets that Sophie had designed especially for the book and my dad had made in India. The carpets are available for purchase at the store for $59+tax, and include a signed book! They’ve been really popular so far, and I’m not surprised… they’re totally gorgeous on their own.


The amazing window at Canadian Rug Traders this past week

But the store wouldn’t make a great place for a party because there wasn’t enough floor space. So the brilliant owners of Spoon! Frozen Yogurt Lounge were happy to let us take over their store for a couple of hours to have the launch. It ended up being the perfect venue – plenty of space, a few table and chairs and of course – frozen yogurt! For those who haven’t been to a self-serve froyo place before, you basically get to fill up a coloured cup with delicious flavoured frozen yogurt, then get to load it up with the toppings of your choice. You then have your cup weighed and you pay by weight. For guests of the launch though, we were offering a free yogurt with a signed book purchase. It certainly went down well! As if that wasn’t enough, there were cupcakes and baklava (the ‘honey cakes’ for anyone who might have read the novel already!), and plenty of champagne (not that I got to drink any of it!)

A great spread! Plus Froyo, of course...

A great spread! Plus Froyo, of course…


Some Canadian Rug Traders staff helping out on launch night!

It was amazing to see all the people who turned out – from my parents’ friends, loads of friends from high school (some who I hadn’t seen in 10 years!) and some awesome Ottawa book bloggers. It was amazing to meet other book lovers from this city, and since I heard that not many book events are held in Ottawa, I was glad to be able to bring a little YA book excitement to Canada’s capital city!

Some of the Ottawa blogettes with me!

Some of the Ottawa blogettes with me!

My dad introduced me to the crowd, and I managed to get through my thank yous and a reading without getting too emotional. It was especially important to me to be able to thank my parents in front of everyone.

My dad giving a speech while I look (embarrassedly) on...

My dad giving a speech while I look (embarrassedly) on…

All in all, a successful (and super fun!) launch. I already can’t wait to come back to do it all again!


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