A few bits and bobs…

The past month has been a hectic mix of wedding planning (yes, we’re starting already – Pinterest is my new best friend!) and book editing. The exciting thing is that the sequel to The Oathbreaker’s Shadow now has a title. Hurrah for not working on unnamed books.

It is called THE SHADOW’S CURSE and it will be available on July 3rd next year! (I am fiercely touching on wood here, as obviously I have to finish the edits first!)

mind blown

That blows my mind a little bit, I’m not going to lie. Soon I will have two books out and readers will be finding out how Raim’s story comes together. I’m so glad not to have to worry about a ‘sagging middle’ book, but equally I’m a bit devastated that it’s all going to be over so quickly! Until the next series, that is…

Here is a description for THE SHADOW’S CURSE:

Raim is no closer to figuring out the meaning of the broken vow that sentenced him to exile for life. But with his former best friend now a tyrannical Khan who is holding the girl Raim loves captive, he finds it hard to care. Every day, he and Draikh learn more about their powers, but it quickly becomes clear that he will never be able to stop Khareh and free Wadi unless he can free himself from the ultimate taboo of his people. Reluctantly, Raim begins the long journey down to the dangerous South, to find the maker of his oath.

In Khareh’s camp, Wadi is more than capable of devising her own escape plan, but she’s gradually realizing she might not want to. The more she learns about Khareh, the more confused she becomes. He’s done unquestionably bad things, horrific even, but he’s got big dreams for Darhan that might improve their dire situation. What’s more, rumours of a Southern king massing an army to invade Darhan are slowly gaining ground. Only if the Northern tribes can come together under a single ruler will they have the strength to fight the South – but what if that ruler is an impulsive (albeit brilliant) young man, barely able to control his ever-growing power, and missing the one part of him that might keep him sane? Whoever conquers the desert, wins the war. And the secret to desert survival lies in Lazar, which is set to become the heart of a great battle once again.

I hope that whets your appetite! And the cover is being designed as we speak, so I’m really excited to see what the artist comes up with.

Also new is that I have finally take a domain! You can find me now at:

http://amy-mcculloch.co.uk/ – It’s not that exciting at the moment as it just forwards to the blog, but soon there will be a shiny new website there. Oooh.



2 thoughts on “A few bits and bobs…

  1. Megan Conway says:

    In September I noticed on Goodreads that the title for book 2 was The Unbreakable Vow and it’s also up on Chapters.Indigo.ca and Random House Canada with the same ISBN. It also has an earlier release date. Is this a mistake or does the Canadian version have a different title? Not that I don’t like the title The Shadow’s Curse, I’m just curious, book junkie that I am 🙂

    • amymcculloch says:

      Hi Megan!

      Love meeting a fellow book junkie 🙂 The Unbreakable Vow was an earlier title, but it will now be The Shadow’s Curse around the world. I’m not sure whether the pub dates will change to match, but I imagine that the Canadian version will move closer to the UK version, which is July 3rd 2014.


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