A Southbank engagement shoot… and feeling not-so-grown-up

The wedding countdown is on… only two months to go.

By all accounts, we are so ready. Everything is on track, all the major bits and pieces bought and paid for, guests preparing to arrive…

But wow, guys. Marriage. For some reason I always thought I would feel older when I got married. I’m 28, and I always thought that by 28 I’d be way more grown up than I feel I am. I thought by now I’d be one of those women with a perfect beauty regime, impeccable diet, and fastidious work-out routine. Instead most of the time I fall asleep with my make-up on, eat too much cake at my desk and flail around at 30-day-shred. But then again, maybe you never really feel properly grown up. Especially when you work in children’s books every day!

Nevertheless, one of the wonderful stops on the wedding train was our engagement session with our brilliant photographer Melanie Woodward, of One Life Studio. She shot my best friend Sarah’s wedding last year, and so we immediately snapped her up for ours almost the moment we got engaged!

As some followers of the blog will know, my fiancé broke his ankle a few weeks ago and had to have surgery on it. We debated moving the shoot until after he had healed up, but decided to go ahead as planned – even with him in a cast! It is definitely ‘of the moment’ and captures this time in our lives with full accuracy!

Engagement shoots are, by their nature, pretty cheesy, but it was great to get to know Mel better and to learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera so that we don’t feel too nervous (at least, about the photography!) on our wedding day. I had been getting very nervous about that aspect of things, but having done this session, I feel so much better about how it will go on the day. We also have some lovely pictures of the two of us, which is also pretty rare, and I’m sure is something we will appreciate later on in life.

Lofty and I got engaged on the Hungerford Bridge between the South and North banks of the Thames, so it was only natural that we wanted to have our engagement shoot there! And just like on the day of our engagement, it rained – nice blow-dried hair went out the window! We started out by meeting at London Waterloo and walking to the London Eye. We also got a glimpse of how disabled unfriendly London can be.




We stopped for an ice-cream – in the cold and rain! – but it made for a cute and funny photo 🙂


A little stop by Big Ben – mandatory. At least the rain had driven away a lot of the tourists, so we could get some photos without crowds of people in the background.


We also got on the carousel on the Southbank for some silly pics! I’m fairly certain Mel got pretty seasick with all the motion and colour. Worth it for these though! 


And then on to the bridge where we got engaged…



Ending up on the Northbank 🙂

Bonus pic: the mandatory cast photo – this is the one we ended up getting a print of.


Photographer: Melanie Woodward of One Life Studio



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