Hawaii – possibly the best place in the world to play golf

I know, I know… it’s not exactly a sport for everyone. Golf is a funny game, isn’t it? It’s hardly the average pastime for most 25-30 year olds I know (well, except in L’s work set!)

But in a place like Hawaii, it’s easy to see its appeal. We’ve played some amazing courses that have taken us deep into the heart of the islands, showing us some spectacular scenery we wouldn’t see anywhere else. It’s also been great fun for the six of us to get out and about with a little friendly competition.

michelle wie

Michelle Wie hits a monster shot out of the bunker on the 9th hole at Ko Olina

It also helps that the LPGA Lotte Championship is based right on our doorstep at Ko Olina, with lots of the pros (including Hawaii’s own Michelle Wie) staying in our resort (Aulani). We’ve done our fair share of pro-spotting and went to watch as well – it was pretty inspiring to see the ladies whack their drivers down the fairway! I personally would play a lot better if I had my own caddie, I’m just saying…

...and her unique putting stroke position!...

…and her unique putting stroke position!…

So far I’ve played five courses, each with their own merits. If you’re reading this as an avid golfer, bear in mind that I am not a great player! But I am travelling with people who are much better than me. Regardless, I had a great time on all these courses below, and thoroughly recommend them.

The Bay course, Kapalua, Maui

The Bay course, Kapalua, Maui

The first was on Maui, right on our resort – the Bay Course at Kapalua. It was very beautiful, running right along the coastline, although not particularly easy on a windy day! The boys also played the Plantation course, which is the more famous course at Kapalua.

Sunset at Maui Nui

Sunset at Maui Nui

Then we moved back toward the centre of Maui to play Maui Nui (formerly Elleair) golf course. This was a more open course, quite exposed to the wind, but still very beautiful – we were treated to an awesome sunset as we finished off our game with a nice drink at the bar.

The view of the West Maui mountains

The view of the West Maui mountains

The nene geese

The nene geese

Kahili golf course was nestled in the West Maui mountains, and offered some gorgeous alternate views (this is important to the not-so-good golfers!) of the mountains, as opposed to the other two courses which were more coastal. It’s also home to a fair few Nene geese, which are Hawaii’s state bird. The other common visitor to the golf courses in Hawaii are the mongoose! (mongeese?) They seemed to be everywhere, scurrying across the fairways and disappearing down drains.

Royal Kunia, Oahu

Royal Kunia, Oahu

Back on Oahu, we played Royal Kunia, a course that overlooks Pearl Harbour! Very cool. It’s getting a bit repetitive to say that this was a beautiful course, but it really was.

Trying to hit over a ravine at Ko'olau

Practice shot before trying to hit over a ravine at Ko’olau

The best course, though, has been the Ko’olau golf club on the windward side of Oahu. It was amazing! It took us through countryside that was plucked straight from Lost and Jurassic Park. In a word, it was epic. Just be sure to bring a lot of spare golf balls as there was no rescuing some of the shots as they disappeared into deep ravines and thick jungle rough.

18th Hole at Ko'olau - absolutely stunning mountain scenery

18th Hole at Ko’olau – absolutely stunning mountain scenery

Pretending to be a pro at the Lotte Championship sign-in desk in Aulani

Pretending to be a pro at the Lotte Championship sign-in desk in Aulani


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