Art/photos that inspired The Oathbreaker’s Shadow over on The Lucky 13s

I’m over at The Lucky 13s blog today, talking about art that inspired The Oathbreaker’s Shadow. I thought the easiest way to showcase some of the main photos was to create a Pinterest board, so I encourage you to take a look at that too!
“Art and photography have always inspired my writing, in a multitude of ways. In 2006, when The Oathbreaker’s Shadow was just an idea floating around in my head, I headed down to an achingly hip part of Toronto known as The Distillery District, a pedestrian-only zone lined with the converted Victorian industrial buildings of the old Gooderham and Worts distillery.  It’s packed with art galleries and amazing coffee shops (head to Balzacs immediately if you’re searching for good coffee in Toronto), and a fabulous place to spend an afternoon. Read more ->


Over on The Lucky 13s: Novel Superstitions

Today, I’m back over blogging for The Lucky 13s for Superstitions Week! Who are some of your favourite superstitious characters from novels?

Novel Superstitions

Very superstitious… writing’s on the wall.

Just a little Stevie Wonder to get you in the mood!

For any new readers to The Lucky 13s blog, do you know that at the end of our introduction posts, all the Lucky 13s have to mention their favourite superstition? Mine is from a poem by A.A. Milne called ‘Lines and Squares’: never step on the cracks in the pavement – or else you might get eaten by a bear.

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The Luckiest blog on the Internet

Thank you so much everyone for your support yesterday — it was really overwhelming and emotional.

I just had to pop over to Verla Kay’s Blue Boards to share my news as well… I’ve been a long-time lurker on those boards, and they helped me with my query way back in 2009 (and that wasn’t even the first time I queried this book – but more on that later).

I also took time yesterday to join The Lucky 13s – a blog dedicated to debut YA authors launching in 2013.

You can see my introduction post here. My favourite superstition was to do with the A.A. Milne poem ‘Lines and Squares’ – have you read it? That poetry collection, When We Were Very Young, is one of my absolute favourites.

Putting on my editor hat for a second, I’m super excited that two of my fellow Lucky 13ers are actually two of my authors! At Voyager we don’t buy a lot of YA fiction (our notable published exception being the exceptional Wither by Lauren DeStefano) but if there’s a certain submission that comes in that we know will have crossover appeal to our adult audience, we’re keen to snap it up! That’s part of my brief as a commissioning editor to look at that part of the market, which works for me as it’s my favourite.  

Now for a weekend of celebrations! What with the HC Christmas party tonight and the SF/F Editors of London lunch & drinks tomorrow (which is always, as you can imagine, raucous), it’s going to be a busy next few days…