Read the first chapter of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow

If you would like to read the first chapter of my debut YA fantasy novel, The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, you can now do so on my FB page! At the moment you have to ‘like’ the page to read it, but I’ll be sharing it more widely soon… 🙂



Giveaway! Wither & Fever by Lauren DeStefano

To celebrate the launch of my Facebook author page, and also because I’m agonisingly close to that 400 follower mark on Twitter, I’ve decided to host my first ever blog giveaway! It will be the first, I’m sure, of many to come.

It also happens to be the launch week of Fever by Lauren DeStefano here in the UK, so I’m giving away a copy to a lucky blog reader! Alongside will be the new UK pb of Witherthe first book in Lauren’s amazing The Chemical Garden trilogy.

Since I clearly have a vested interest in these amazing novels, I won’t be reviewing them. However, with each book I give away I’m going to write a little something about what that book means to me – either how I came upon it, or a story around its publication.

A story of Wither

On my first day as assistant editor for Voyager, I was handed a stack of manuscripts to read to get me up to speed with the list. Overwhelmed by this treasure trove of fiction, I scanned the first few pages of each to choose which one to start with. When I came to Wither (which was then just a lot of sheets of A4 held together with an elastic band and went by another title), I knew I had to read the whole thing then and there. Can I just tell you that if you are an aspiring author wanting to know how to write a first chapter that grabs – no, demands – an editor’s (or a reader’s) attention, then you can do no better than the opening of Wither. Lauren’s prose is absolutely stunning, and the opening ends with a real bang! The rest of the book doesn’t disappoint, and it remains one of the most outstanding examples of dystopian YA literature that I’ve read to date.

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Good luck!