The Goodreads giveaway is live!

It’s my ‘let’s celebrate finishing book two by giving away a signed book’ giveaway! And it should be open to most places worldwide – hurray!

You have plenty of time (until October 5th, 2013), so please enter now!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Oathbreaker's Shadow by Amy McCulloch

The Oathbreaker’s Shadow

by Amy McCulloch

Giveaway ends October 05, 2013.

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Book Two and giveaways!

So if you follow me on Twitter (which you can do here!), you might have seen that I delivered the second half of my duology – which is such a huge relief! Look, here’s even a picture of it sitting on my editor’s desk:

Book two, all hidden and stuff beneath book one :)

Book two, all hidden and stuff beneath book one 🙂

So it doesn’t quite have a confirmed title yet, but as soon as it does – you’ll be the first to know! Sequel writing – and especially, I think, finishing up a duology – was very hard, but I’m really proud that I managed to do it in the timeline, and to a standard that (in the end), I was happy with. There’s a long road of revisions ahead, but I’m looking forward to it 🙂 Publication is, I believe, June 2014!

There’s no rest for a jobbing author, of course, and as well as work on the first book of something shiny and new (ooOoo), I’m also hoping to write some short stories in the Oathbreaker world that have been nagging at me.

Still, I wanted to do something to celebrate BOOK TWO FINISHING and also my book’s THREE MONTH birthday (which is technically on Friday). Three months as a published novelist… it’s kind of surreal! So, keep your eyes peeled for a Goodreads giveaway of a signed first edition hardback of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, which is going to start on Monday, September 9th and run until October 5th.

I also put the call out on Twitter (and now here!) to any book bloggers who wanted to review The Oathbreaker’s Shadow but haven’t had a chance yet – get in touch on my Contact page and I’d love to send you a copy, while my limited stocks last 🙂 international bloggers very welcome!!

The great big The Oathbreaker’s Shadow pre-order giveaway!!

I am pretty much freaking out because it is only ONE MONTH until The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is unleashed in the UK. Actually, it’s LESS than an a month until it’s released in Canada! Ahhhh!

Inspired by another YA author Shannon Messenger, I’ve decided to host only one giveaway to do with The Oathbreaker’s Shadow release, but my word – it is going to be epic. In fact, it’s so epic that there is going to be THREE tiers of prizes that are open  INTERNATIONALLY, and it’s all to say thank you to those who pre-order Oathbreaker, either the hardback edition or Kindle edition.

You have until June 3rd, 2013 to enter!

Without further ado:

1) First tier: 10 x postcard + knot string bracelet + a sterling silver knot bracelet


Ten lucky winners will get a beautiful The Oathbreaker’s Shadow-inspired .925 sterling silver knot bracelet, plus a postcard, which I will happily personalize, and a handmade string bracelet.

2) Second tier: 2 x Package of awesome #UKYA books


Two lucky people will win a package of 5 #UKYA books, from awesome authors like Emma Pass, James Dawson, Kim Curran, Laura Lam, Will Hill, Tanya Byrne, Abigail Gibbs, Janet Edwards, Zoe Marriott, Phil Earle, Karen Mahoney and Sarwat Chadda, plus a postcard, plus a handmade string bracelet!

3) Third tier: The Grand Prize! Full manuscript evaluation + signed, personalized hardback + postcard + a handmade string bracelet OR a £50 giftcard + a signed, personalized hardback + postcard + a handmade string bracelet.


If you’ve been following my blog, you know that in my day job I work as a commissioning editor for HarperVoyager, HarperCollins’ SF&F imprint. I know that there are a lot of aspiring writers out there, so as a grand prize – open internationally – I’m offering a full manuscript evaluation to one winner (to a maximum of 100,000 words, any genre as long as it’s fiction – I wouldn’t be very helpful with non-fiction anyway!) alongside a signed, personalized hardback.

Equally, I know that the person who is drawn for the grand prize might *not* be a writer, so I’m offering a £50 Amazon gift card as a grand prize instead (or if it works out that a more local gift card works out better, I’ll offer it for the equivalent amount, to be determined with the winner). And the signed hardback. Woohoo!

But wait, there’s more! (sorry, I’ve always wanted to say that… in true Shopping Channel style)


Additionally, pre-order entries from the UK AND COMMONWEALTH (including Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand) will ALL receive a postcard and a bracelet – just for entering!

A bit of background behind these awesome bracelets… My amazing mum has been working tirelessly at hand-knotting these  The Oathbreaker’s Shadow bracelets, in a variety of awesome colours. Don’t worry, I will pay her back in love and a big present, and she promises me they pass the time while she’s watching American Idol, so it’s perfectly fine that I’m exploiting her hard work 😉  In the book, promises are bound with knots, so it’s the perfect tie-in. Unfortunately, because supplies of postcards and bracelets are limited, I can only offer them to readers in countries where The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is being sold… that means I can’t offer it in the US and non-Commonwealth countries yet 😦 Boo!

Now, the other important thing is that I am NOT going to ask you to send in proof of your pre-order with your entry, unless your name is drawn to win one of the prizes. Honour system all the way (a big theme of the book is about promises and trust, after all…) There are pre-order links in the sidebar of the blog, but I’m not going to ask you to pre-order anywhere specific and please support your local bookstore if you are able to 🙂 If your name is drawn, then I will ask the winners to e-mail me proof of purchase within a week of receiving the notification.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, that’s AMAZING and please enter anyway because OF COURSE that counts too!

Without further ado, here is the form… but if for some reason it doesn’t load, please CLICK HERE.

Phew. I think that’s all. Any questions, please fire away in the comments. And THANK YOU for entering!!

One month… AHHH!

Giveaway! Wither & Fever by Lauren DeStefano

To celebrate the launch of my Facebook author page, and also because I’m agonisingly close to that 400 follower mark on Twitter, I’ve decided to host my first ever blog giveaway! It will be the first, I’m sure, of many to come.

It also happens to be the launch week of Fever by Lauren DeStefano here in the UK, so I’m giving away a copy to a lucky blog reader! Alongside will be the new UK pb of Witherthe first book in Lauren’s amazing The Chemical Garden trilogy.

Since I clearly have a vested interest in these amazing novels, I won’t be reviewing them. However, with each book I give away I’m going to write a little something about what that book means to me – either how I came upon it, or a story around its publication.

A story of Wither

On my first day as assistant editor for Voyager, I was handed a stack of manuscripts to read to get me up to speed with the list. Overwhelmed by this treasure trove of fiction, I scanned the first few pages of each to choose which one to start with. When I came to Wither (which was then just a lot of sheets of A4 held together with an elastic band and went by another title), I knew I had to read the whole thing then and there. Can I just tell you that if you are an aspiring author wanting to know how to write a first chapter that grabs – no, demands – an editor’s (or a reader’s) attention, then you can do no better than the opening of Wither. Lauren’s prose is absolutely stunning, and the opening ends with a real bang! The rest of the book doesn’t disappoint, and it remains one of the most outstanding examples of dystopian YA literature that I’ve read to date.

To enter, simply ‘like’ me on Facebook by clicking the like button on the left-hand side of the page, or by visiting the page and clicking ‘like’:

Amy McCulloch on Facebook

Or add me on twitter:


And you’re entered! If you’re already my friend on FB or Twitter and still want to be in to win, just RT or leave a comment to this blog post. The contest is open internationally and will end at midnight GMT on February 24, 2012.

Good luck!