New #booktube video is up! The Booktube Newbie Tag!

This week, I did the #booktube newbie tag! This video also features a clip of this month’s Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, where I debuted a reading of THE POTION DIARIES! And James Dawson read a preview of UNDER MY SKIN, which sounds incredibly creepy and wonderful and has put me off a tattoo.


#Inspiration series… Travelling

The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is out in the world now (well, the parts of the world where the rights have sold!), so I thought I’d continue my blogging tradition by talking about different things that inspire the book and my writing, and hopefully give some useful tips along the way.

This week’s inspiration theme is: Travel!

To start things off, one of the Totally Random Tour stops last week was with Sable Caught, a lovely vlogger who I met at the Random House UK blogger brunch. Karen, Emma and I all provided her with a list of the top 5 places which inspire us. Check out her vlog to see our answers:

Did any of those places resonate with you? Check back tomorrow for more travel-inspiration, where I will delve a bit deeper into how it helps my writing and why I love it! And not just for the sunshine!

Inspiration vlogs: Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Oops – I’ve been rather neglecting the blog. You might forgive me though as it is one of the most hectic weeks in publishing: the week of London Book Fair! Last week I partied with George RR Martin and some of the Game of Thrones cast members at the Tower of London, went to my first ever party as an author (hopefully more on that when I can share the good news!), and – of course – worked the rights centre at LBF, trying to discover the next big talent for Voyager. Phew!

Now, back to regular blogging, I hope. Or in this case, maybe it’s back to vlogging? Here’s the next video in my ‘inspiration series’ of videos, this time set in the immense Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Most of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow is set in a desert, and I always love a desert’s stark, barren beauty. I’ve seen where sand dunes touch the ocean in Namibia, been to the world’s smallest desert in the Yukon (the Carcross desert), shooed away flies in the Australian outback, but the Wadi Rum desert really took me by surprise not only for its rainbow coloured sands and immense rock formations, but also because of the people who I met there – the Bedouins – who were happy to demonstrate their way of life to us pesky tourists. You definitely get the feeling that the Bedouin harbour far more secrets than they share, however, and in a place like Wadi Rum, you can hide multitudes – even entire cities. That’s the kind of detail that goes straight into my novel.

This video is a little more awkward than the others, as we had to shoot it in one take before the sun disappeared completely. Hope you enjoy!

Inspiration vlogs: Abu Simbel, Egypt

It’s no secret that while writing The Oathbreaker’s Shadow, I took inspiration from numerous gorgeous settings around the world (take a look at my inspiration page if you want to see more). Mongolia, China, Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Namibia, Zimbabwe… no place has truly been safe from my imagination’s safety (one-day-I-might-use-this) deposit box!

So while I was out in the Middle East, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to shoot a few vlogs in some pretty fantastic locations – and explain why these places have such an influence on me as a writer, and in particular on The Oathbreaker’s Shadow.

The first in my ‘Inspiration series’ of vlogs is from Abu Simbel, Egypt…

I hope you enjoy!

Without further ado… my first vlog

Mistakes I made when shooting my first vlog:

  • Pronouncing ‘vlog’ like ‘vee-log’ instead of ‘vlog’
  • Thinking I could shoot at 10pm and be done before midnight
  • Believing I could wing the script
  • Shooting in a green painted room, which makes everything look a bit sickly

Hope you enjoy it anyway 🙂 Comments always appreciated, especially as its my first one!

First vlog – any suggestions?

This weekend, I’ve decided to film my first vlog! (That’s video blog, for those who aren’t up-to-date on your youtube terminology). I bought a video camera last week to take with me to Egypt and Jordan in a few weeks, and thought I’d better give it a trial run before the big trip.

But I need your help!

For my on-camera debut, I want to answer some of your questions – so if you want to know anything about the process of writing a novel, how to get published, being an editor, or any subject related or unrelated, please let me know! You can always tweet me, or leave a comment on the blog or facebook page.

To get me in the vlogging mood, I thought I’d share with you a hilarious (and accurate) video from one of my favourite YA authors who vlogs on a regular basis:

Jackson Pearce

The Joy of Books

This lovely video, made by the amazingly creative brain Sean Ohlenkamp and filmed at Type Books in Toronto, has been doing the rounds of all my friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

I always used to daydream about what my toys would get up to when I left the room and it’s easy to imagine books being just as mischevious! At least at work, we always find our books mysteriously disappearing and reappearing… maybe if we set up a camera, we’d discover their secret. 

Have you seen it yet?